The Big Island, Beautiful Paradise with Diversified Real Properties!

Kamilo-view1-150x150The Island of Hawaii, commonly called “The Big Island”, is getting a lot of attention in many travel magazines and news articles, recently.

An increasing number of tourists come here to experience the island’s natural beauty and charm, but also, many people, attracted to the natural environment and the easy-going Hawaiian atmosphere, are moving here.

The Big Island’s geography and climate are completely different depending on the area. The real estate market reflects the diversity with prices to fit every budget.


Hawaii Island Climate  

fall-150x150Hawaii Island’s climate comprises 10 different climate zones. You will find tropical rain forests to sun-drenched deserts, and the
temperature significantly changes as it gains in elevation.

The Island of Hawaii is warm all year round with daytime highs in the low-80’s, and mid-60’s at night during the winter. Summer months are about 4 – 8 degrees warmer than winter.

The east side of the island, where Hilo is, gets a lot of rain, but also gets a lot of sunshine too.


Hawaii Island Geography  


Hawaii Island is so big, in fact,  nearly twice the combined size of all the other Hawaiian islands, and it’s still growing.
This is home to Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Mauna Kea which is the tallest mountain in the world from sea level, and Mauna Loa which is the world’s most massive mountain.


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